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Parties in Public Places (PiPP)
1 hour performance
Nameless square in Dokkeveien, Bergen

Organized by Victoria Løvheim & Tanja Silvestrini
Filmed by Kristin Antonsen
Edited by Tanja Silvestrini
Music by UltraCat
Voiceover by Victoria Løvheim & Tanja Silvestrini
About PiPP
PiPP attempts to fill the year long dancefloor void by turning public squares into temporary dancefloors. Each performance will have a theme, and the audience is invited to dress up for the occasion. The events are weather dependent, which means PiPP is patiently waiting for a Friday or Saturday with good weather. To know when and where the next PiPP will be held, message Tanja or Victoria on instagram.

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