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Tangtrollets sangTanja Silvestrini
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Tangtrollet / The Seaweed Troll (2021/2022)

The Seaweed Troll came to life during a residency at Stokkøya, Åfjord (NO). The goal of the residency was to create a work for one of the nursery homes in the commune.

I decided to work with Roan Sykeheim, for which the Seaweed Troll appeared in a four-part lunchtime performance. Firstly, the handyman of the building read the Seaweed Troll newspaper with the mythology of the troll out loud for the inhabitants and employees at the home. The Seaweed Troll then appeared with a hot kettle of seaweed soup, which the kitchen generously made after a local recipe. The Seaweed Troll served soup to everyone present, as well as itself. When everyone was finished eating, the Seaweed Troll proceeded to sing it's song to the people, before exiting the scene and entering the sense garden, where it found peace in a flower bed for the janitor to use it's remains to nurture future plants in the garden.

The lasting works that live inside and outside the home is a postcard rack with 500 postcards for everyone to use, the story of the troll in the format of a Seaweed Troll newspaper printed in 50 editions, an aluminium mounted photography made in the same format as the historical photographs that already existed in the building, a CD with the song of the Seaweed Troll and the seaweed itself that will be used as nutrient for the soil in the nursery home's sense garden.

The project was supported by KORO, Bygda 2.0, Åfjord kommune
and Sparebanken SMN.

The Seaweed Troll newspaper can be read here (in Norwegian):


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